Love in German/but photograph is ‘Paris, je t’aime’

This is the most horrible thing in the world. Everyone will agree. “Badum pam pam” far worse than a song stuck in your head because this is a person. The only thing you can do to somehow gather yourself from the puddle of whatever liquid you’ve melted into is to read and watch and listen. Immerse yourself in the suffering of others to alleviate your own because that’s what other people are there for (you’ve finally realised their importance). You can either convince yourself that they had a worse time than you (eating buckets of ice cream and pining away in bed for several days while slowly vegetating) or you can make yourself into a martyr and believe that absolutely NO ONE in this world and in history has suffered as much as you. Not Dido, not Norma, but you with your velvet scrunchie.

Us with our glass hearts.

Kidney pie you see the world in black and white.

And you at the centre of that vast tragic swirling vortex of monochrome.

Although far from monochromatic, Turner has captured so much more than nature in this painting he has captured the storm within us all and it is rushing into every crevice on and on in a seemingly unrelenting endless flow overwhelming everything everywhere and engulfing you in its colours overpowering invasive acute


“I know you *liiiilt* you’re the one I’ve waited for…”

You listen to this Jon Brion song from Synechdoche, New York and write a blog. All the while eating ice cream of course. Mint chocolate chip.

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