Jon, Michael, Maria




Blood in the sand behind you there is blood in the sand

Are you dragging it or is it dragging you?

Over rocks and jagged stones

Under water and through hot, molten stones

A severed head you carry, a severed head

To rival your own, so pale, so proud

(so ugly, so wracked with lies and deceit)

Eyes rolled up within yellow sclera

Set in waxy skin

A sick tongue protrudes from its shrunken mouth

Whose words does it say, tell me whose words does it say

Does it say what you mean it to say

Or do you say what it means you to say

Oh dearie dear my dear you have fallen into such a trap

One such as will never release you (no, never)

Snapped up, you have been snapped up

By ghosts and devils

By lunches and revels

By hearts

By people

By perfect stones and betting kneelers

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